Rental Inspections

Tenant or Landlord Inspections???

Are you an absentee owner with your home in a rental program? Have you ever rented the house and had a difference of opinion with the tenant about the condition of the home upon occupancy or when the home was vacated?  Our rental property inspections can help to eliminate arguments over the security deposit and other issues that may arise between the landlord and tenant before, during or after occupancy.  Further, as a landlord these inspections can help you budget for maintenance by determining the condition of the systems in the home.

  • We document the property condition upon occupancy, vacancy or an annual or bi-annual basis.
  • It protects the landlord by documenting the condition upon occupancy and/or vacancy.
  • It protects the tenant by documenting the condition upon occupancy and/or vacancy.
  • The inspection covers floor and wall surfaces, operation and condition of fixtures, appliances and windows.
  • The inspection can be customized to meet the individual needs of the landlord or tenant.
  • The detailed report will be available online, hosted at a secure website for both the landlord and tenant to view and/or print.

Call Quality Home Inspections today for inspection of the rental property you are about to rent so you have the documentation you need about the condition of the home, condo or apartment.