Walk Through Checklist

Pre Settlement Walk Through Checklist

A pre-settlement walk through is the home buyers last chance to find items in the home that have broken or are not functioning properly. Although all of these items were checked at the inspection (unless otherwise noted in the report) it is not uncommon for items to break between the time the home inspection is performed and the close of escrow. We at Quality Home Inspections strongly urge you to utilize the checklist below as a guide and to make sure that the items on it are in normal working condition. The checklist does not cover every item in the home, but should aid you in focusing on areas where problems are likely to occur. Look carefully at your home during your walk through, and note any questions to discuss with your agent prior to close of escrow.


Flush all toilets, look for leakage. Do the toilets flush and shut off?

Run water at all faucets. Is hot water available? Leaks? Proper drainage?

Operate outside hose fixtures and any showers, etc.

Operate the whirlpool tub.


Operate Ceiling fans, lights, switches, etc.

Use a night light or lamp and check operation of all receptacles.

Test accessible smoke alarms utilizing the test button if available.

Push the test button on all GFCI receptacles and reset them.


Operate the heating and air conditioning system using the thermostat. Check for heat or cool at all registers.


Operate the kitchen appliances and check for function.

Check windows for operation and broken glass.

Look for stains on ceilings that may indicate roof leakage.

Operate the clothes washer and dryer. Leaks? Does the dryer get hot?

Are all items present in the home that are supposed to be there contractually?*

Is any pool equipment operational?

Does the garage door opener operate normally?

We at Quality Home Inspections hope this list is helpful to you.  If you are a past client and can not print the page for any reason, contact us and we will happily email a copy to you.

we don’t check to see if items that are in the home are contractually obligated to remain with the home during the sale process during the home inspection.